Amazing Resorts USA offer properties situated on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, in South West Florida. Sarasota and its islands have long been Florida’s best kept secret. An affluent area with a mixture of traditional and modern architecture, renowned for its white sand beaches and tropical sunsets; Sarasota is simply breathtaking. Sarasota provides a home to people who love a relaxed approach to the outdoors; Sailing, Fishing and Golf are just some of the available activities to those that wish to go beyond basking in the sun.

Sarasota is widely regarded as the cultural capital of Florida, typified by the residence of the award winning Asolo Theatre Company. Sarasota has a rich theatrical tradition, but its cultural roots don’t stop with The Theatre. Music and dance are well represented with a Symphony orchestra, Opera Company and Ballet. Whatever your taste there are also a plethora of music and Jazz venues. And the arts are well represented with galleries that range from the contemporary art scene through to more traditional artists.

However, there’s no escaping Sarasota’s beautiful surroundings, everything else is probably just the “icing on the cake!” The Internationally renowned Siesta and Longboat Keys are famous for their sunsets and beaches that stretch for miles. The Keys play an integral role in the charming, relaxed lifestyle offered by Sarasota. It is that lifestyle that is making the city increasingly popular with both American and International tourists that are looking for a discerning destination that offers something for everyone.

Within easy reach of Orlando or Tampa International Airport Sarasota is accessible the year round, if you don’t mind changing flights you can even fly directly in Sarasota’s own airport.